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Australia! The most remote and mysterious continent. Fly there is long and expensive, but what if the craving for knowledge of the world is much wider than the borders of your country and Europe? Of course, explore, learn, expand boundaries! If you have a great desire for non-standard travel, to the desire to see more than the average tourist, then at least once in your life you need to visit Australia, and maybe more than once - then how it goes.


We present this opportunity by offering you one or two tours at once, allowing you to see the whole of Australia, or at least most of the interesting things that exist on this continent.


And then the New Year is the best time to visit Australia and ... why not this round and beautiful in digital terms not meet the year 2020 in a tropical paradise ?! After all, how to celebrate the new year, so spend it! Do you want 2020 to bring you a lot of joy, fun, vivid emotions, travel ?! Then go ahead - meet the dreams! :)


This is our first tour in the 2020 season. If it does not suit you in due time or for other reasons, you can watch the program of the second round from 12 to 30 January 2020, or go to both rounds, which will give you a total discount of 20%.



Route day by day

Day 1. Sydney

Day of arrival in Sydney, gathering group, transfer to the city.


Day 2. Sydney. New Year's Eve

All day we walk around Sydney, occupy the best places to celebrate the New Year, and then we meet the New Year with magnificent fireworks, champagne splashes and overwhelming sensations of joy, fun and happiness. This New Year you will never forget!


Day 3. Sydney, Marubra Beach

Sleep, sunbathe on the Marubra beach or walk around the city - everyone will find something to do to taste and soul.


Day 4. Tasmania. Hobard and Cape Hauy

On the morning flight, we fly to the city of Hobbard on the island of Tasmania, we immediately take a minibus and drive to the eastern tip of the island, to the Fortescue place, where we will take a 5 km walk to the majestic rocky cape Hauy, and on our return we will stop at the camping with a sandy beach, which you can wander into the pleasure before bedtime and, if desired, swim in the sea.

Day 5. asmania. Mount Field National Park

In the morning, we take a car and drive to Mount Field National Park, where we will walk until the evening and see many interesting things: Russell Falls, Livn Gorge, mountains, mountain lakes and many beautiful, unique landscapes. We spend the night in the campsite of the national park.


Day 6. Tasmania. Dove Lake

In the morning there is a small drive to Pigeon Lake, around which there are also a lot of interesting, beautiful, picturesque views. We walked for several hours, then we return to the city of Hubbard, where we spend the night at the hotel. And the remaining time to sleep will be devoted to exploring this small cozy town.


Day 7. Melburn. Great Ocean Road

Morning flight take off to the city of Melbourne (fly less than an hour), where we sit on the car and drive along the famous Great Ocean Road with breathtaking views of the coastal cliffs and the ocean, stopping near the most beautiful and large-scale. Such as Devil’s Elbow and Twelve Apostles. After we return to Melbourne and stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 8. Melburn, Philip Island

In the morning we get on the car and drive to Philip Island, which is full of emus, kangaroos and koalas. They can not only be seen, but also touched, photographed with them, observing, of course, caution, because despite their grace, these are not domestic but wild beasts. All day we walk around the island, waiting for the main nature show here - a parade of penguins, which in the evening come out of the sea and return to their nests. By the way, these are the smallest penguins in the world and, unlike other animals, you cannot touch them.
Late in the evening we come back for the night to the hotel in Melbourne.


Day 9. Uluru

Morning flight to the town of Alice Springs in the heart of Australia. Here at the airport we again get on the car and drive to Uluru - one of the most famous natural attractions not only in Australia, but in the whole world. For many years, a red stone monolith in the midst of the endless desert has been debating scientists about its origin. The unique giant consists of red sandstone, the special properties of which allow it to change color depending on the lighting during the day. At dawn, the black silhouette of the mountain brightens, acquiring a dark purple hue, then Uluru flashes a purple-red color, illuminating pink, and by the middle of the day, when the sun rises in the zenith, it becomes golden. The whole day goes on a fantastic color game. By evening, the mountain “chameleon” turns into a dark silhouette against the background of the desert.


We will spend here the rest of the day until the evening, going around the mountain on foot in a circle, admiring it at sunset and only when the mountain turns into a dark silhouette will we go to a guest house in the nearest village for the night.


Day 10. Kings Canyon and Alis-Springs

In the morning, we take a car and drive to another unique place in central Australia - the Royal Canyon, located 350 kilometers from Uluru. We will make a three-hour track around the canyon, having examined and photographed it from all sides, and then we go to the city of Alice Springs, where we spend the night in a small hotel near the airport.


Day 11. Darwin. Kakadu National Park

Morning flight to fly to the city of Darwin. It is the largest city in northern Australia, but it is not the subject of our attention here. Immediately from the airport we will go to Kakadu National Park - a unique and truly amazing place. In addition to the diverse and unusual flora and fauna (a large number of exotic birds, reptiles, unique fish that are not found anywhere else, huge termitaries 6–8 meters high), there are absolutely stunning landscapes, as well as ancient rock paintings of Aborigines that once inhabited Australia . The picturesque picture is complemented by another attraction of the park - the cascade of waterfalls of Jim Jim, Magook and Gemini, when you look at which is breathtaking.
We will spend the whole day in the park, and for the night we will stop at one of its campgrounds, surrounded by the tumult of tropical vegetation, smells, sounds and the feeling of complete detachment from the reality we are used to. There will be no Internet here, but there will be much more that you will not see or feel anywhere else on Earth.


Day 12. Kakadu National Park

We will also spend this whole day in Kakadu National Park, since over the previous half day of our stay here, we will not have time to see a tenth of all the beauties and wonders of the park.



Day 13. Lichfield National Park

In the morning we go to another national park - Lichfield, located 100 kilometers west of Nat. Park Kakadu. Here we are also waiting for natural sculptures of sandstone, waterfalls and a rich flora and fauna. All day we are in the national park, and in the evening we return to the city of Darwin, in the center of which we can walk, if there is time and energy left.


Day 14. Sydney. Departure home

We fly to Sydney, and from there - home. Those who wish can stay on their own in Sydney for a few more days or join our second tour, which, together with the first round, will allow us to see all of Australia - all the most interesting and significant things on this mainland.



Route map:



Your guide Evgeny Androsov:



Trip info


USD 1700 per person


We also have a second tour to Australia - from December 30, 2019 - January 12, 2020.

If you take both tours - the first and the second, you will see ALL of Australia, and also get a discount on both tours - 20%. That is, for USD 3520 you will spend a whole month in Australia!


Tropical Adventures and the "Other" Australia

December 30, 2019 - January 12, 2020

Availability - 6


Tour Category: Auto / excursion
Difficulty: 2 *



What is included in the price

  • accommodation in tourist class hotels, hostels, campgrounds (tents) and guest houses all the days of the route,
  • all transfers and movements on the route by a comfortable minibus, including all expenses for its operation,
  • camping meals during the tracks and overnight stays in tents,
  • general hiking gear (tents, kettles, burners, gas),
  • the work of the guide 24 houres a day,
  • group and individual photographs of each participant, taken during the whole trip to professional photo equipment and provided in electronic form

What is NOT included in the price

  • flights to Australia,
  • flights within Australia,
  • ferries,
  • food in cafes and restaurants,
  • excursions and entrance fees to cruises, museums, caves, kayak, bicycle rental,
  • personal equipment of the participants (sleeping bags, mats, tracking sticks, etc.),
  • consular fees and other visa costs,
  • souvenirs and other personal expenses of participants,
  • other expenses not listed in the “included cost” section.

What is the difficulty of the trip?

The tracks that we will make during the route are not difficult, even for unprepared people. For the most part these are short exits (for 1-3 hours) along specially equipped roads and paths with all the necessary infrastructure (cafes, toilets, places for recreation, fixed rails).

Clothing and equipment recommendations

We travel around Australia in the warmest season, so you will need appropriate clothing: shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts, hats from the bright sun, swimsuits. For tracks you need to have sneakers. It is also desirable to have a raincoat (in case of heavy rain). Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must!

Since several nights during the tour are supposed to be in tents, you need to have a sleeping bag and a light summer mat (you can rent for free during the tour by prior arrangement).


How to participate

  1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call the indicated numbers, me, Evgeny Androsov or my assistants will tell you in detail about the route and answer all your questions. You can also use the following messengers for communication - Whatsapp, Viber or find me on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and write a personal message there, if that’s more familiar and more convenient.
  2. To reserve a place, it is necessary to make an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the cost of the hike / tour if before it starts more than 45 days and 50% of the cost if before the start less than 45 days. Prepayment is refundable 60 days or more before the start of the tour and non-refundable, unfortunately, less than 60 days before the start of the tour, if the refund is related to your refusal to participate (for any reason). If the tour does not take place due to our fault or due to force majeure circumstances (natural disasters, military actions, cancellation of air traffic, etc.), the prepayment will be guaranteed to be refunded in full.


Price USD 1.700 per person





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