Description of the route

At the end of spring Crimea becomes scarlet from the flowering poppies. This is an incredible beautiful natural phenomenon not to be missed this landscape photo! Photos taken in May Crimea will remain with you for life!


We will visit the field of Simferopol district, near Sevastopol, Bakhchisaray district, cave cities Mangup-Kale and Eski-Kermen, near Yalta, cape Kazantip and climb to Mount Ai-Petri - all the most interesting places from the point of view of photography poppy fields and not only their. Two days with us will be a professional fashion model with a wardrobe of beautiful dresses. All day photo tour, including transfer from Moscow to the Crimea and back, we will move on a comfortable bus, so that the amount of photographic equipment that can be taken with you, is not limited to - anyone can take quadrocopters and other oversized equipment.


All day photo tour offers workshops photographer Evgeny Androsov, as well as nightly otsmotren and discussion footage of each participant. For a group of 7 people!


Photo tour is designed for the training of primary and secondary levels of photographers, but take part in a photo tour can and professional photographers, they can use the tour as smochnoy expedition, giving up employment.




First day

Early in the morning to collect the group at the designated location, loaded into a minibus, departure from Moscow. All day we go. Overnight stay in a cheap hotel in Rostov-on-Don, or a little further down the road, depending on the workload of the road and speed.


Second day

Quick march breakfast, we reach the crossing in the Crimea, we cross, we go to Simferopol, overnight at the hotel.


Third day

Early wake up, highlight the point of shooting - field near Simferopol, starring Dawn. Then move to Bakhchisaray, accommodation, rest.

In the evening departure to the village of Red Poppy, a sunset shot in the poppy fields. Return to the hotel, and discussion otsmotren filmed material per day.


Fourth day

Early wake up, exit to the cave cities of Mangup-Kale and Eski-Kermen. The first half of the day and explore the city remove themselves and their surroundings with flowering poppies in the afternoon arrive in Sevastopol. Accommodation at the hotel, and discussion otsmotren filmed material per day, rest.


Fifth day

In the morning we leave to Chersonesus, and then moves to the slopes of Balaklava, where we are waiting for colorful landscapes and beautiful fashion model in professional attire that would be happy to pose for our fotogruppe. After lunch we return to Sevastopol, a walk through the city, relax. Otsmotren evening and discussion filmed material per day.


Sixth day

Early rise, leaving in the vicinity of Yalta. Remove in the poppy fields, and then walk on the Yevpatoria, return to Sevastopol, on the way we stopped at the beach "Blue bay". The name of the beach derives from the amazing turquoise clear sea water and fine sand on the bottom. The beach is surrounded on both sides by rocks that look like a layer cake. In 1961, here he was filmed "The Amphibian Man". Here, too, have something to shoot, and swim in the cool waters of fans at a time can become models for their colleagues less drastic :)

Seventh day

Day of rest. We get up not very early, having breakfast, going and leisurely ride through the Crimea to the area of Cape Kazantip. On the way to climb the mountain Ai-Petri, which offers amazing views of the beauty of Yalta and the Black Sea. A stop for the night in Feodosia, where you can take a leisurely evening promenade and sunset shoot.


Eighth day

Very early, leaving the Cape Kazantip dawn shooting in the poppy fields with a new professional model. This is our last day of shooting in the Crimea, so we will devote its entire shooting. Just put in the tent, where people are tired and will be able to get some sleep or simply relax to the sunset to be back in shape. After sunset we are moving on a minibus in the city of Kerch, which spend the night in a small hotel near the ferry.


Ninth day

Normal, not very early, breakfast, crossing the road home. Overnight at a roadside hotel somewhere in the Voronezh region.


Tenth day

Lifting, breakfast and 5-6 hours we will be in Moscow. We say goodbye, exchanging contacts.


After resting lay the best photographs taken in the Crimea on a special Internet resource, where we discuss and comment them, both among themselves and with the involvement of several professional photographers. The best works will send to photo contests :)





Trip info


690 USD per person

What is included in the price

  • accommodation in tourist class hotels all round the days,
  • travel on a comfortable bus route all days,
  • ferry to Crimea and back,
  • snacks (sandwiches, scones, biscuits), water, tea and coffee in the van while driving and during the photo sessions,
  • total camp equipment (tents, mats, pots, burners, gas),
  • work of the photo master - master classes, individual work with each participant directly during the shooting, the analysis of the footage,
  • the work of two models, including rental / purchase costumes,
  • provision of Internet resources to download up to 50 frames from each participant, comments, advices of the master and two invited to discuss professional photographers,

What is NOT included in the price

  • expenses on arrival to Moscow and back (for residents of other cities),
  • food in cafes and restaurants,
  • personal clothing and equipment of participants,
  • souvenirs and other personal expenses of participants,
  • other expenses not specified in the section "included in the price";


What is the complexity of the campaign?

Hiking part of the tour of medium difficulty. This means that with a minimum physical training, you will be able to withstand the load without difficulty hiking. Due to long journeys, the tour is not recommended for people with diseases of the spine.


Recommendations for clothes and gear

We are going to the beautiful season - in the Crimea there is still no real summer heat, but there are no cold weather either. The weather is expected to be warm, pleasant, which can only be spoiled by rain. It is recommended to have raincoats or light membrane jackets, and for short trips to the mountains - sneakers or trekking boots. Headgear, sun glasses, sunblock are mandatory.

How to participate

  1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call on these phones, I'm Evgeny Androsov or my assistants tell details about the route and will answer all your questions.
  2. To book a place, a prepayment of 30% of the tour cost before it starts if more than 45 days, and 50% of the cost, if, prior to the start of at least 45 days. Prepayment is returnable in 45 days or more prior to the hike / tour nevovzratnoy and, unfortunately, less than 45 days before the start of a hike / tour if the return is linked to your refusal to participate (for whatever reason). If the hike / tour will not take place due to our fault, because not form a group or force majeure, the advance payment, you will be guaranteed to be returned in any case.
  3. If you change your mind / lose the opportunity to participate in the campaign, please let us know as soon as possible. The transport and food for the whole trek procured, calculated and allocated based on each party's campaign.

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Cost of participation - 690 USD per person





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