Route Description

Hibiny is old, unusual and mystical mountains, from them breezes with antiquity and witchcraft of nature. Vegetation here is poor, but in August she is ready to give us her gifts - blueberries, cranberries, mushrooms - all this is in abundance. However, on the plateau - Arctic desert. Bare stones, and nothing else, but what kinds open up from the treeless plateaus. Not describe in words! Yellow and white mosses, a clear azure sky, on which, after the rain, a rainbow will certainly shine. Crystal air and thick fogs on cloudy days, and such that you can wash them, and before the clouds - just stretch out your hand. The noise of the mountain rivers and the ringing silence of the night forest, rocky climbs, fatigue, and then a genuine joy because the pass is subdued, and then the road will be only down! This is a feature of this trip: we go from one valley to another through the passes. At first the path goes on flat terrain, then a difficult climb, a peak, a rocky descent - and now we are in the next valley, again we are walking along an even path to the site of our parking lot, and around it is the incomparable beauty of the nature of the Russian North!



Day 1

Early in the morning we arrive by train to Imandra station. The train costs here only one minute - to have time to jump out with our backpacks.

We start our way on the suspension bridge across the Goltsovka River. The bridge swings and you can walk on it either one by one or in the leg, otherwise it's already scary. Then about an hour climb the forest up a small hill and suddenly our view opens a wonderful panoramic view of the lake Imandra, behind which, in good weather, you can view the city of Monchegorsk. From the hill we go down to the gorge Aku-Aku, named the first tourists by analogy with the Easter Island - in the gorge there are blocks resembling idols from this island.

In the gorge we walk along a rocky balcony, overhanging a small lake - it's scary, but if you look carefully and look under your feet, everything will be fine.

Towards evening we put tents in the forest zone - on the first day we will not tear our legs and we will limit ourselves to a short and easy transition. The advantage of spending the night in the forest: soft moss under the tent and a huge number of berries and mushrooms around.


Day 2

Rise, prepare breakfast, gather camp and advance into the Gorge of Yumecorr. This is the western gate to the Khibiny, in translation - the gorge of the Dead. In the 16th century, the Swedish interventionists flung stones there, but today everyone is calm and dead with braids in the gorge are not worth :)

From the gorge we go out into the valley of Meridionalny Creek, cross it and move to the valley of the Goltsovka River, which had already crossed the suspension bridge.

Near the river and put our second camp, the benefit is a lot of moss, which means that it will be soft and pleasant, lots of berries and mushrooms and in the river the clearest water you can drink right from the river, and also cook delicious soup and tea on it.


Day 3

Today, leaving tents and backpacks in them, we go to the radiocast at the Fersman circus. It is a small compact valley of rounded shape, surrounded by mountains. We will go around it in a circle - along the ridge and in the evening we will return to the camp. We will have to go for the kurumnik - stones that are thrown around by nature in a chaotic order and often swinging underfoot, but the difficulty of the path will be compensated by fantastic, sometimes even unearthly landscapes, which we will see every minute. On the right ridge lie the remains of the IL-28, which crashed here in the 60's, so there is a chance to find them, although time passes and less often people manage to find the remains of this aircraft.

Along the way, we will overcome two category passes - Fesman (1B) and East Arsenyev (1A), we will get very tired, but the reward will be a delicious dinner and soft moss bed :)


Day 4

Again through the Arsenyev Pass East, but now with backpacks, go to the foot of the mountain Yudychvumchorr, whose name translates as a "humming mountain." Behind the pass we descend down the valley of the Fersman brook and get to the Malaya Belaya river - along it we will go up to the place of today's camp.

The valley of the river is forest, mossy, berry, but the higher we go up, the more lifeless becomes the landscape. At the foot of the mountain we are waiting for tundra with lichens and small lakes with crystal clear ice water. If there is good weather, it is not a sin to swim in them, washing off the sweat of the past days and charging with the icy energy of the northern nature.


Day 5

On this day we have a radial exit (light) on the Yudichvumchorr mountain - the highest point of Khibiny, 1200 meters high. By the standards of large, "real" mountains - mere trifles, but the path of the kurumnik, especially on wet in bad weather, can be quite a serious test for inexperienced walkers. But from the top you can see almost all the Hibiny! And this is a good reward for work.


Day 6

Today, in a leisurely pace, we have to travel about 17 kilometers to civilization. Our way will pass through the gorge of Ramsay - the southern gate of Khibin. On it we will go out on the roadside forest road, then on the track of the quarry, and along it we will directly get to the city of Kirovsk, where we will take a taxi and go to the railway station of Apatity station for an evening train to Moscow.


Trip info


USD 350 per person

Cost includes

  • taxi to Apatity station
  • meals three times a day marching
  • instructor fee
  • total hiking equipment: tents, kettles, gas burner, etc.
  • first aid kit with basic medicines and first aid
  • group and individual photos of each participant made during the entire campaign to a professional photo equipment and provided in electronic form

Cost Not includes

  • air and rail tickets
  • the cost of obtaining Russian visa,
  • rental of personal equipment
  • food in the cafe and souvenirs
  • other expenses not specified in the section included in the price

What is the complexity of the campaign? Will I be able to withstand these horrors?

Hiking part of the tour of medium difficulty. This means that with a minimum physical training, you will be able to withstand the load without difficulty hiking. Due to long journeys, the tour is not recommended for people with diseases of the spine.


Recommendations for clothes and gear

Weather in Russian North is changeable and full of rain, wind and fog, especially in the highlands and the Arctic Circle. Therefore, you should bring an adequate supply of warm and waterproof hiking clothes - membrane jacket, trousers, trekking bitinki sneakers to move by city, mandatory set of thermal underwear and a hat, gloves, warm socks, fliska, sunscreen and sunglasses.

How to participate

  1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call on these phones, I'm Evgeny Androsov or my assistants tell details about the route and will answer all your questions.
  2. To book a place, a prepayment of 30% of the tour cost before it starts if more than 45 days, and 50% of the cost, if, prior to the start of at least 45 days. Prepayment is returnable in 45 days or more prior to the hike / tour nevovzratnoy and, unfortunately, less than 45 days before the start of a hike / tour if the return is linked to your refusal to participate (for whatever reason). If the hike / tour will not take place due to our fault, because not form a group or force majeure, the advance payment, you will be guaranteed to be returned in any case.
  3. If you change your mind / lose the opportunity to participate in the campaign, please let us know as soon as possible. The transport and food for the whole trek procured, calculated and allocated based on each party's campaign.

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Cost USD 350 per person





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