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Amazing country, the once mighty empire of Persia with the mysterious name, gave the modern Iranian state superior culture and many architectural monuments. Nature also deprived Iran of its diversity and magnificence. Despite common misconceptions about this country, the Islamic Republic of Iran - kind, friendly, open, highly cultured, educated, developed country where the crime rate in several times lower than in Russia, and the quality of roads it is that we can only dream of. The number of interesting places that are worth visiting tourists here just rolls over for all conceivable limits, as we shall see, not all, but I touched explore this mysterious and unique country in many respects set…



Day 1

Arrival in Tehran. Meeting and getting to know the participants. Tour of Iran (Golestan Palace, the Oriental Bazaar, Tehran's parks). After lunch drive to the northern part of Tehran (Darbant), the beginning of the ascent to the peak Tochal, overnight in a tent.

Day 2

Climbing the peak Tochal (3964 m), from the top of a magnificent view of the northern part of Tehran to the Damavand volcano. Descent to the camp at 3200 m. Overnight in tent.

Day 3

Returning to Tehran and transfer from there to the village of half-frames (Camp 1, with the ascent of Mount Damavand at 2000 m) and further transport terrain in Gusfand-sara (2 Camp, 3200 m). A visit to the mosque among the beautiful mountain peaks. Walking through the picturesque surroundings with superb views of the volcano. Overnight in tents.

Most trained and courageous, weather permitting, & nbsp; can go out at night under the supervision of an instructor in the ascent to the volcano summit (5610 m.) And for dinner back at camp (for the required special clothing and equipment, the issue with the ascent of individual participants should be weighed and resolved in advance & ndash; you should consult with an instructor!).

Info: Mount Damavand an extinct stratovolcano is the highest point of Iran and it is only 32 meters below the Elbrus & ndash; the highest point in Russia and Europe.


Day 4

Returning to Tehran, walk around the city. Night transfer to the city of Yazd (Yazd) (removal is possible only by the night train, a comfortable first-class compartment).

Day 5

Excursions in Yazd - one of the oldest cities in the world. Built mainly of clay houses, the city is located in an oasis and has existed since the III millennium BC Here is preserved & laquo; the old town & raquo; in the form in which it existed thousands of years ago. Overnight stay in a comfortable hotel with a cozy and exotic patio.

Day 6

Check out the sand dunes, camel rides, visits to nearby small ancient settlements with many attractions. Overnight at hotel.


Day 7

Morning drive to the city of Isfahan. Walking through the ancient city. This beautiful city of Iran - its tourist center. It is located in a large oasis, created by the waters of the river Zayanderud. The city's location at the crossroads of caravan routes, mild climate and remoteness from national borders have led to the fact that Shah Abbas moved the capital in 1598 in Isfahan & nbsp.; The main decoration of the city - the area Nahsh Jahan, which is often called & laquo; world map & raquo ;. On the square are the mosque Imam and Lotfolly palace Ali Kapu. The area is surrounded by galleries with arches on the ground floor which are endless souvenir shops, many of which you come as a museum. Free time to explore independently. Accommodation for the night in a hotel.


Day 8

Morning drive to Tehran. Walking in Tehran. Excursions and sightseeing, walking in a unique souvenir shops and markets of Tehran, buying souvenirs. Parting with Iran, flight home.


Trip info


USD 1.190 per person

Cost includes

  • all transfers during all days to a comfortable minibus, bus, train,
  • general equipment (tents, pots, etc.),
  • hiking food,
  • Iranian visa support (the invitation, consultations),
  • accommodation in tourist class hotels and guest houses,
  • English-speaking instructor fee,
  • tickets to all museums,
  • first aid kit with basic medicines and first aid,
  • group and individual photos of each participant made during the entire campaign to a professional photo equipment and provided in electronic form.
  • Cost Not includes

  • flights from your country/city to Tehran back,
  • the cost of obtaining Iranian visa,
  • personal equipment, clothing and footwear,
  • food in cafes and/or restaurants,
  • other expenses not specified in the section included in the price
  • What is the complexity of the campaign? Will I be able to withstand these horrors?

    This route is classified as not complicated. Except for the ascent of Mount Damavand (strictly on request and by prior arrangement with the instructor), all pedestrian crossings will not be difficult. However, if you have any chronic illness, be sure to consult with your instructor about the possibility of your participation.

    Weight of a backpack in this campaign: for men - 12 - 15 kg for females 10 - 12 kg.. To not be overweight, pre-consult with the instructor and he will tell you with pleasure, you need to take a hike certainly, but from what can be easily refuse.


    Recommendations for clothes and gear

    In Iran, there are strict rules on clothing, particularly, it concerns women. Prohibited shorts and short shirts for women obligatory headscarf at any time and for night (for the violation - a fine or even a prison!). In addition, Iran is prohibited by law the use of alcohol. We kindly ask you to bear this in mind in order to avoid hassles during their stay in the country.

    For hiking in the mountains need regular hiking clothes - pants, fliski, hiking boot, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (50+), thermal underwear, warm sleeping bags (spending the night in the mountains can be quite cold). For those who want to go to climb the volcano Damavand need cat, warm jacket, warm gloves, trekking pole, headlamp flashlight, personal thermos - certainly beforehand consult with the instructor about the possibility of your ascent!

    For excursions and sightseeing fit the same hiking clothes or set lighter closed (!) Clothes and shoes.

    Important additional information

    To visit Iran is required to obtain a visa. Cost of the visa fee of € 40 if you obtain a visa in advance (highly desirable) or 70 Euros for a visa at the airport in Tehran. Possible call for an interview of each member of the group or selectively at the request of the Consulate.

    Your passport should not be a visa or stamp of entry into the State of Israel within the next year to obtain Iranian visa. In the presence of such marks in the Iranian visa, you will be denied.

    How to participate

    1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call on these phones, I'm Evgeny Androsov or my assistants tell details about the route and will answer all your questions.
    2. To book a place, a prepayment of 30% of the tour cost before it starts if more than 45 days, and 50% of the cost, if, prior to the start of at least 45 days. Prepayment is returnable in 45 days or more prior to the hike / tour nevovzratnoy and, unfortunately, less than 45 days before the start of a hike / tour if the return is linked to your refusal to participate (for whatever reason). If the hike / tour will not take place due to our fault, because not form a group or force majeure, the advance payment, you will be guaranteed to be returned in any case.
    3. If you change your mind / lose the opportunity to participate in the campaign, please let us know as soon as possible. The transport and food for the whole trek procured, calculated and allocated based on each party's campaign.

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    Cost USD 1.190 per person





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