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This very busy tour involves visiting almost all the most interesting places in Kamchatka in two weeks! Climbing four (!) active volcanoes, as well as exploring fresh volcanic cones of Tolbachinsky Dol with still hot lava and fumarole activity, lava caves, a huge, bizarre and boundless lava field of the 2013 eruption, Dead Forest, glade of edelweiss, the famous canyon of the Studenaya River, swimming in four thermal springs - all this and much more on our tour.


We will overcome the whole journey through Kamchatka by a special off-road truck (KAMAZ-vahtovka), making only short radial hikes and climbing lightly, so the tour is accessible to almost all people, and not just hikers. To see Kamchatka and not die from overstrain and ruin - this is how we can characterize this tour :) If you have long dreamed of seeing Kamchatka, but did not know how to do it simply and relatively cheaply - welcome!


However, early wake up, accommodation in a tent and overcoming yourself while climbing volcanoes are still planned - this is Kamchatka, without it there’s no way :)


If you are a real extreme player and want to see a lot more other tourists in Kamchatka, you might be interested in our other tour Climbing the Klyuchevskaya volcano and autonomous trek in Kamchatka with experienced English-speaking guide.



Just for your motivation: The New York Times about Kamchatka and our short visual film about Kamchatka:



As well as our photos from Kamchatka in Gallery, Photo flow, Instagram



Route day by day

Day 1

Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to the city, we are accommodated in a hotel, get to know the city, try the famous Kamchatka delicacies - red fish, caviar, crabs.


Day 2

Early wake up, at 8 in the morning we already sit in the car and drive through Kamchatka straight to the Dead Forest, which is located in Tolbachinsky Dol - a mystical place, but safe, despite the name. 43 years ago this forest was covered with hot volcanic ash, and only dried trunks remained sticking out of the forest on the surface of the earth. Today, however, the forest is already noticeably covered with young shoots of bushes and fir spruce, so there is life here, despite the unusual, but very interesting from a visual point of view landscape.


The road takes 12-15 hours and part of it does not pass on asphalt, but the last kilometers on a forest road laid out by artisans by local lumberjacks bypassing the huge lava field that blocked the previously existing road to Tolbachinskiy dol in 2012, so the day will be lazy, inactive, but not very easy.

We have lunch in the dining room of the aftermath of Milkovo (about the middle of the way), and immediately upon arrival we set up a camp and prepare a camp dinner.


Day 3

In the morning, after breakfast, at the car we will drive to the Zvezda (the star) crater, and then to the volcanic cones of the Northern Breakthrough - the very sources of volcanic slag and ash that once covered the forest, setting the Dead. Having lifted up on the cones, we will see a large-scale picture of the lava fields, other cones and the huge volcanic desert around - an impressive sight. Here, on hot stones, you can warm up and even set fire to small wooden sticks that we’ll capture in the Dead Forest from the echoes of powerful underground heat.

After the car we will arrive at the Kleshnya camp - the base camp for climbing the Ostry and Flat Tolbachik volcanoes, from where we will immediately go to explore the huge lava field of the 2013 eruption. This is an even more breathtaking picture. No matter how many volcanoes and wherever you are, you have never seen this, believe us!

Everyone who has the strength to cross a lava field under the guidance of a guide in a certain place will see a large two-level cave formed in a lava field and several even more interesting and impressive volcanic cones - hot and colorful!

In the evening we set up a campground, prepare dinner, go to bed as early as possible - we will have a very early rise.

Day 4

Wake up at 4 a.m., a quick breakfast with tea, coffee and freeze-dried cereals, and we set off on climbing to the flat Tolbachik volcano. Why so early? All mountains and volcanoes in this sense are no exception, in the morning, as a rule, clear of clouds and all ascents (climbers confirm) always begin at night or very early in the morning to reach the peak in the morning and enjoy the views. After all, closer to dinner, the mountains are covered by clouds and if you lift it to the top, you simply will not see anything -it's not worth the effort. But it’s worth it if you get up as early as possible and come to the top at 9-10-11 in the morning, which we will do!

The top of Plosky Tolbachik volcano is located at an altitude of 3100 meters, but we will only reach the edge of the crater at an altitude of 2800 meters - it is somewhat lighter and it is from here that a view of a huge crater opens - 2 kilometers in diameter and 500 meters deep. Those who wish, under the guidance of an instructor, will be able to reach the very top, but they are unlikely to be there - despite the initial fuse and desire, a long, sometimes steep and very tiring climb to the volcano cools even the best of intentions :) Those who do not have enough strength and perseverance reach the crater, they can always turn back, but for them the ascent will not be in vain - the views during the ascent itself are no less impressive and beautiful than at the top.

At an evening camping dinner we share our impressions and emotions.


Day 5

In the morning, immediately after the camp breakfast, we collect our camp, sit in the car and go to the other side of Tolbachik - Hoof camp. Moving is quite tiring and will take most of the day, so in the evening we just set up a campground, prepare dinner and take short walks in the vicinity (optional). If you are lucky with the weather, already from this place we will see the great Kamchatka volcanoes Klyuchevskaya Sopka and Kamen.

Day 6

After breakfast, we have the long (perhaps the longest for the whole tour) radial hike to the Edelweiss glade and further to the canyon of the Studenoy River. For this day we will cover about 20 kilometers, but what we see will brighten up all the hardships of the journey and fatigue!

First, we will come to the tourist camp Edelweiss glade, where you can relax and have a bite under a shed, take a little walk and see real edelweiss - rare mountain flowers, and also, if you're lucky, watch a bear that lives in these parts and often grazes near tourist camps (the word "grazing" is not a mistake or a joke - the main diet of bears is ... grass and rare berries in this grass, so most of the time the bears, like cows or other vegetarian animals, graze, looking for more delicious grass and shallow in these places berry bushes).

After relaxing at the tourist camp, we will continue our journey and after 5 kilometers we will go out to the canyon of the Studenaya River - a grandiose natural attraction. In the dry period, you can go down to the canyon and walk along it, listening to the powerful echo reflected from the narrow high stone walls, but in July the river is very deep and fills the canyon completely, and part of it can even be under the huge caps of snow compacted and not melted from winter, but in any case, the canyon is an amazing sight and not seeing it means losing a lot from visiting Kamchatka.

We return to the camp, prepare dinner, take a rest from the hard way.


Day 7

We have breakfast, sit in the car and go to the village of Esso. The road will take half a day, but the remaining half will be at our disposal. The first thing we will do is go to the thermal water pool in the center of the village. The water here is hot, flows through a large pipe from a nearby thermal spring and swimming is a pleasure in any weather, especially in cold weather, which is not uncommon for Kamchatka even in mid-July.

After the pool, we will visit a small museum dedicated to the life of Evens - the main inhabitants of the village and the Bystrinsky district, in whose territory the village is located, and after that you can just relax walk around the village or climb the Pioneer Hill, which rises above the surroundings - everyone will find something to do according to their strength and desire. In the evening you can go to the thermal pool again. We spend the night in a cozy guest house.

Day 8

In the morning we leave on the highway and go all the first half of the day to the Malkinsky thermal springs - a favorite vacation spot for residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yelizovo, where we will stop for 2 hours to swim here, comparing the sensations.

Then we continue driving and in the evening we will arrive in the village of Paratunka, where we will stay in a small hotel and also with its own thermal pool!


Day 9

Early in the morning we load on the car and drive to the foot of the Gorely volcano, which today we will make a small and uncomplicated climb. The climb here is sometimes quite steep, but the height of the volcano is only 1829 meters, so even completely unprepared people can climb it, and most trained people do not even have time to get tired. But the views are awaiting us here again!

We have to say that all five active volcanoes that we will climb are completely different from each other. And Gorely, despite the small height and ease of achievement, is one of the most beautiful and impressive. A huge crater, in which there is another smaller one, as well as with a lake of turquoise water, you can go around in a circle and fully enjoy the scale and grandeur of nature.

After the descent of the group, we move on the car to the Mutnovskaya geothermal station, near which the so-called Summer Springs are located. We put up a campground, walk around the springs, those who wish can swim.


Day 10

In the morning we have breakfast, collect the camp, put things in the car and lightly go to the Mutnovsky volcano. We have to go about 14 kilometers and on the road we are waiting for fantastic views of brown-yellow mountains with alternating strips of greenery and snow, Dangerous Waterfall and, at the end of the journey, a caldera and two craters of Mutnovsky volcano. The entire caldera of the volcano is, in fact, a valley of geysers. Only to the famous, well-known valley you need to fly by helicopter, paying a little less than the cost of the whole our tour, but here is the same valley, but completely free! Huge fumaroles, plucking out pillars of steam from the bowels of the earth with the roar of a flying fighter, boiling volcanic cauldrons, volcanic mud splashing in the natural thickets ... which is not there! Well, at the end, two craters, also very active, covered with dense smoke of volcanic gases and steam - this is perhaps one of the most interesting and impressive spectacles in Kamchatka.

However, each place that we will visit is impressive and unique in its own way, which you personally like best will be the most impressive. But you will like a lot and much will leave an indelible impression on your life! It’s not for nothing that people from all over the world go to Kamchatka and many of them “fall ill” with Kamchatka for life, returning here again and again ...

Not far from the descent from Mutnovsky, our car will wait for us, which will go around the volcano along the road and pick us up so that we don’t go back, will take us to the already familiar hotel in Paratunka.

Day 11

alm and easy day. We slowly eat breakfast, pack up and leave onthe car in the foot of the Avachinsky volcano - the last and one of the most serious trials in our journey. Next to the base camp we set up a campground and walk around the surroundings.


Day 12

Wale up at 4 in the morning - we begin the climb to Avachinsky volcano. The distance is 7.5 kilometers one way, but the last part of the climb is a rather steep climb along the snow-stone scree, it can be quite difficult for unprepared people, but it’s not dangerous, don’t worry. As experience shows, despite the fact that this ascent is one of the hardest in our journey, everyone makes it. Well, at the top, like on other volcanoes, a wow effect awaits you - it is checked :) Just grit your teeth, push your weakness and fears away and go for the next portion of beauty and genuine, almost childish emotions from what you saw!

And after the descent of the group, the car will take us to the Pacific coast - to the black volcanic Khalaktyr beach, where we put up tents not far from the huge waves rolling on the shore and plunge into a state of euphoria from what we saw for the whole tour, from the fact that all the difficulties are behind, and nearby , right now - the vast ocean.

We have dinner with red fish, caviar, drink wine and enjoy every moment lived and lived now.


Day 13

We will spend all day on Halakryt beach. Those who wish can go surfing - just by renting equipment or signing up for a lesson in one of the many surfing schools located along the beach, someone will want to swim in the invigorating waters of the Pacific Ocean, and someone will take a long walk along the beach barefoot to one or the other side - we have a day of relaxation and pleasure.

Toward evening, the car will take us to the hotel of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Day 14

In the morning, those who wish to go on a sea excursion along the Avacha Bay, everyone else can walk around the city on their own, climb the Mishennaya Sopka, from where they have views of the whole Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, go also to Nikolskaya Sopka - a favorite place for Petropavlovsk walks, but at the end of the day everyone tour participants are advised to look at the food market, where you can buy the most popular Kamchatka "souvenirs" - red fish, halibut, caviar, crabs. Everything is always fresh here and, of course, such souvenirs are much more useful than magnets, badges or T-shirts.


Day 15

Transfer to the airport and flight home. Goodbye Kamchatka!




Guide and instructor Evgeny Androsov:


Evgeny Androsov


Travel Instructor Igor Vaskan:



Travel info


1000 Euro per person


What is included in the price

  • all transfers, moves by special off-road truck in Kamchatka,
  • hotel accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, in the villages of Paratunka and Esso,
  • three meals a day - hot breakfasts and dinners, as well as snacks (dry rations) as lunch,
  • dinner on Halaktyr beach with red fish, caviar and wine,
  • general camping equipment (tents, bowlers, burners, gas), as well as a large first-aid kit, protection from bears and mosquitoes,
  • registration of passes and permits to the Kamchatka Volcanoes National Park, environmental fees for the use of recreational resources,
  • museum tickets in Esso,
  • work of the guide, instructors and drivers,
  • group and individual photographs of each participant taken during the entire trip to professional photo equipment and provided in electronic form.

What is NOT included

  • air tickets to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and back,
  • meals in cafes and restaurants,
  • boat excursion (about 5000 rubles per person),
  • surfing on Halaktyr beach,
  • medical insurance,
  • consular fee and other expenses for obtaining a Russian visa,
  • participants clothing and personal equipment (sleeping bags, rugs, trekking poles, personal dishes, flashlights, etc.),
  • souvenirs and other personal expenses of participants,
  • other expenses not indicated in the section are included in the price


What is the difficulty of the trip? Will I be able to withstand these loads? What are the limitations?

This tour is NOT high difficulty! You need minimal or medium physical and moral training, personal hiking clothes and equipment, and hiking experience is desirable (but not required).

If you believe that you are physically not ready for the trekking and climbing described in the tour, but want to take part, indicate this in the application for the tour (column of Wishes), we will contact you, conduct an orientation conversation and draw up an individual physical training program for you designed for 2-3 months, which will be enough to fully prepare you physically and mentally for this tour.

Do you have serious chronic diseases, please contact us, we will discuss your situation and decide together whether you can take part in this tour or not.



If living in a tent for several days in a row is a problem for you, if you do not like physical activity and are not ready to endure the lack of comfort, you better refuse this trip - it will be difficult for you and us!


Clothing and equipment recommendations

Since the weather in Kamchatka is harsh, unpredictable, and even in July it can “bestow” rain, winds, fogs and low temperatures every day, for this tour you need to have a set of hiking clothes and equipment with you: a membrane jacket (any ski jacket is also suitable), waterproof hiking pants, trekking boots, a set of thermal underwear, as well as a hat, gloves, warm socks, a fleece, sunscreen and sunglasses (for climbing volcanoes), it is also desirable to have trekking stiks.

In addition, you will definitely need a small backpack of 15 - 30 liters for all radial hikes and climbs, a water-repellent cover for it, a raincoat, a thermos, a mosquito net, a warm sleeping bag (0 degrees comfort, no less!), A hiking mat. A full list will be provided to you by the instructor when concluding a tour contract. It is possible to provide you with part of the equipment for use during the tour on a free basis - the capabilities and list of equipment are negotiated and agreed in advance. Also, the instructor will definitely advise you that you DO NOT need to take so as not to carry excess weight with you.


How to participate

  1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call the indicated phones, me, Evgeni Androsov or my assistants will tell you in detail about the route and answer all your questions.
  2. To reserve a place, you must pay an advance payment of 30% of the cost of a hike / tour if it is more than 45 days before the start and 50% of the cost if before the start less than 45 days. The prepayment is refundable for 45 days or more before the start of the trekking tour and unfortunately, less than 45 days before the start of the tour / tour, if the refund is related to your refusal to participate (for any reason). If the hike / tour does not take place due to our fault, due to an unformed group or due to force majeure circumstances, prepayment will be guaranteed to you in any case.
  3. In the hike the group moves with the speed of the last participant, the participants are trained by the instructor to prepare the food and install the tents.
  4. The instructor reserves the right to refuse participation in any person if he sees that a person is physically or mentally not ready for a trip. On the route the instructor has the right to interrupt the movement of the group and to stop the trip in case of danger of further advancement, as well as due to the state of health of one or several participants. These circumstances are for force majeure, there is no provision for money for the campaign and other financial compensation.
  5. If you change your mind / lost the opportunity to participate in the campaign, please, inform us about this as soon as possible, because transport and products for the whole trip are purchased, calculated and distributed for each participant of the trip.


Enroll in this tour

The cost of participation is Euro 1000 per person





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