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Unique in terms of saturation and versatility, it's an unparalleled commercial research, adventure expedition on an off-road vehicle from Moscow through the Caucasus to Iran, and from there all over Central Asia, including hard-to-reach Turkmenistan, as well as mountainous areas of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the desert of Kazakhstan into one from the hottest months of the year, which gives grounds to call the expedition not only adventurous, but also extreme.


For a month and a half we will visit 7 countries, 3 republics and 7 regions of Russia, we will travel more than 20 thousand kilometers of various roads - expressways and narrow mountain serpentines, country roads and paths, which even roads are difficult to name. Cross the deserts and the great mountain ranges, visit and explore dozens of unique natural attractions, many of which are difficult to access and hardly explored by tourists, visit the great eastern cities with a thousand-year history - Baku, Tehran, Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, as well as mountain villages and villages, where the foot of a mass tourist did not step, feet in the waters of the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, the Balkhash and Issyk-Kul lakes, and the Aral Sea that is disappearing from the face of the Earth.


Also in the program of the expedition: climbing to the highest peak of Europe - Elbrus (Eastern Peak, 5621 m.) from the north, and also to the top of the Elburs ridge - the Demavend volcano (5,671 m) in Iran.


This is an expedition in which a lot of enthusiastic emotions await us, but also serious physical loads, difficulties bordering on extreme ones. Possible temperature changes, which we will have to experience on our own - from -5 (at the mountain tops) to +50 in the shade in some areas of Iran and Central Asia. There will be little comfort, but very much that makes any comfort insignificant - impressions and sensations, the joy of victories and incomparable feelings of satisfaction from victory over oneself - by your weakness and fears. Comfortable conditions you will forget in a year, these impressions, feelings and emotions will remain with you for life!


The expedition includes 4 places, two of which are offered for free sale. However, we do not take anyone who pays money - the decision to join the expedition is taken only after personal acquaintance and a thorough conversation.


for whom this expedition?

On the hardened in campaigns and other expeditions of romantics ready to sacrifice the comfort and habitual way of life for the sake of new, unusual sensations, strong emotions and good friends. Travel-photographers and bloggers seeking to get to unique places and get unique material. People for whom the word "journey" is synonymous with the word "life".


The deadline for receipt and consideration of applications is April 30, 2019.



Route by day*

*during the final development of logistics, the route can be made small changes. The specified days of passage of any points on the route are approximate, but can vary depending on the circumstances on the way.


Day 1. Moscow - Rostov

Technical day on the road. We just go on the road, stopping at gas stations and for a snack. Overnight at a roadside motel near Rostov-on-Don.


Day 2. Rostov-jn-Don - Gily-Su gorge

Again, most of the day we go on the road, closer to the evening we come to the gorge of Gyly-Su in 90 km. from Kislovodsk, on the northern side of Elbrus. Walking to the glade of Emmanuel, we put up tents, we rest, if there is time left, we walk around the neighborhood, we drink narzan from a natural source.


Day 3. The Glade of Emmanuel

We collect tents and make a leisurely exit to the foot of the plateau with the so-called "mushrooms" - rocky outcrops, which turned by weathering into a kind of mushrooms. We put tents on a grassy clearing, climb to the "mushrooms", explore them, make an exit light above, as far as time permits, return to the tents, spend the night.


Day 4. Northern shelter

We gather the camp and climb to the base camp of Elbrus from the north - the Northern Shelter. We put tents, we make an acclimatization exit to a height of 4 - 4.5 thousand meters - how much time and energy will suffice. We return, we spend the night in the Northern shelter.

Day 5. Northern shelter

Acclimatization day. We make leisurely walks around the Northern shelter, explore the neighborhood, then go to bed at 18-19 o'clock.


Day 6. Climb to the top of Elbrus

Rise at 12 o'clock in the morning, snack, exit to the ascent. At 7 - 9 am we are at the Eastern peak of Elbrus. Descent to the base camp, rest.


Day 7. Spare day

If the weather does not allow us to climb the previous day, we will climb this one. If the weather is fine and we get up the day before, we use this day for rest and walking along Kislovodsk, or going ahead with one day ahead - is decided on the spot.


Day 8. Vladikavkaz

We return to the car and drive to Vladikavkaz, where we will stop for the night in the hotel, to rest after the ascent and take a shower.

Day 9. Karmadon (North Ossetia)

In the morning with a breeze let's drive along the mountain serpentines to the village of Karmadon, from which we will make a small pedestrian track to examine the Karmadon gorge, and also to visit the place of death of the crew of Sergei Bodrov. In the same place in tents and spend the night.


Day 10. Karmadon - Grozny (Chechnya)

We return to the car and go through Vladikavkaz to the city of Grozny, where we will stay at the hotel to take a walk in this famous city in the afternoon and chat with its residents.


Day 11. Grozny - Makhachkala (Chechnya - Dagestan)

In the first half of the day we move from Grozny to Makhachkala, which we will spend 3-4 hours to inspect, and then we will go to the city of Derbent, where we will spend the night in a hotel on the shore of the Caspian Sea. In the evening - tasting famous Dagestan cognac.


Day 12. Derbent- Baku (Azerbaijan)

In the morning we go by car to the Russian-Azerbaijani border, after crossing which we go to Baku.

Days 13 - 14. Baku

Day or two we dedicate to the ostmotru of this large and extremely interesting city. We plan one day as a reserve in case of delays on the road, but if they do not happen, we will spend two full days in Baku - there is something to see.


Day 15. Baku - Tabriz (Iran)

In the morning we leave to the border with Iran, after crossing it we go to the city of Tabriz - ancient as Iran itself. This is an important shopping center on the Silk Road, long known for its carpets. It more than once became an arena of historical events: three times it was destroyed by earthquakes, subjected to raids by the Mongols, was the capital of various states. The most vivid impression of the city (and indeed of Iran as a whole) is the hospitality of people. We will be convinced of this personally and it will be a good start to get acquainted with this extremely interesting, beautiful and mysterious country.


Day 16. Tabriz-Tehran

We are moving to the capital of Iran - Tehran, on which we walk until late evening.


Day 17. Peak Tochal

Ascent to Tokal peak (3964 m), from the summit a magnificent view to the northern part of Tehran and to the Demavend volcano. Descent to the camp at 3200 m. Overnight in a tent.


Day 18. Climb to the top of Demavend

Returning to Tehran and moving from there to the village of Polur (camp 1 while climbing the Demavend volcano at 2000 m) and then on to cross-country transport to Gusfand-sara (2 camp, 3200 m). Visit a beautiful mosque among the mountain peaks. Walking through the picturesque surroundings of the volcano with magnificent views. Since we will still have acclimatization after climbing Elbrus, here, at the height, we should feel good and quite confident.

At 12 o'clock in the morning we begin the ascent to the top of the volcano (5610 m) and return to the camp for lunch. Overnight in tents, rest.


Day 19. Isfahan

We get down to the car and make transfers to the city of Isfahan. Walking through the ancient city. This beautiful city of Iran is its tourist center. It is located in the middle of a large oasis, created by the waters of the Zaanderud River. The location of the city at the crossroads of caravan routes, mild climate and remoteness from the state borders caused Shah Abbas to transfer the capital to Isfahan in 1598. The main decoration of the city is Nakhsh-Jahan Square, which is often called the "world map". On the square there are mosques of Imam and Lotfolla, Ali Kapu's palace. The square is surrounded by galleries with arches, on the first floor there are endless souvenir shops, many of which you enter as a museum. Free time to explore the city. Overnight in the hotel.


Day 20. Shiraz

Transfer to another ancient city of Shiraz. Walking around the city. Gardens, mosques, mausoleums - there is something to see, like, however, in any other city of Iran.


Day 21. Bushehr

Transfer to Bushehr. This is a small and, according to Iranian standards, a young city, in which there seems to be nothing to watch. But, firstly, he is on the shore of the Persian Gulf, to wash his feet in which - one of the purposes of our journey (a joke, of course), and secondly, he is on his way to another city on the coast - Bender-Abbas, to which is rarely reached by Russian tourists and that's why we will go there to explore and then tell everyone about this little-known non-tourist area.


Day 22.Bender-Abbas

Departure from Bushehr on the way to another Iranian sea resort - Bender-Abbas. For several hours we drive along the Persian Gulf, admiring its deserted views, we approach the goal of our today's trip closer to evening. Walking around the city.


Day 23. Bender-Abbas and the island of Ormuz

Lingering in this city for one day - rest, take a dip, and if possible, we'll float on the island of Ormuz.


Day 24. Kerman

About 500 kilometers we go on the highway in the desert and after lunch we come to the city of Kerman.


Day 25.Yazd

Transfer to the city of Yazd. Walk on this one of the oldest cities in the world. Constructed mainly from clay houses, the city is in an oasis and has existed since the III millennium BC. There is preserved the "old city" in the form in which it existed thousands of years ago. Overnight in a comfortable hotel with a cozy and exotic patio.


Day 26. Yazd - the desert

Departure to the sand dunes near the city, riding a camel, visiting the nearest small ancient settlements with many attractions. Night in a tent right in the desert.


Day 27. Mashad

Early rise, fast breakfast and departure to the city of Mashhad. The journey is long - about 800 kilometers, so we'll go all day, stopping for a while near the beautiful places in the desert.

Day 28. Mashad - Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)

In the morning we will walk along Mashhad and by lunchtime we will be at the Iranian-Turkmen border, and in the evening - in Ashgabat.


29. Ashgabat - Turkmenbashi

On this day we "drive" to the second most important city of Turkmenistan, in order, first, to get to know it, and secondly, to wash our feet in the Caspian Sea :)


Day 30. Turkmenbashi - Darvaza

Early in the morning we leave Turkmenbashi and drive back towards Ashgabat. Odkako, without stopping at it, turns 90 degrees to the north and we go to a place called Darvaz - a cult place and one of the most famous Turkmen sights. This is a gas crater. Locals and travelers call it "The Door to Hell", or "The Gates of Hell" (Turkmen jähenneme açylan gapy), it is located 90 km from the village of Erbent. The diameter of the crater is about 60 meters, the depth is about 20 meters.


In 1971, near the village of Darvaza in Turkmenistan, Soviet geologists discovered a cluster of underground gas. As a result of excavation and exploration well drilling, geologists came across an underground cavern (emptiness), because of which the earth collapsed and a large hole filled with gas was formed. The rig with all the equipment and transport fell through into the hole, people did not suffer from the incident. To harmful to people and livestock gases did not go outside, they decided to set fire to it. Geologists expected that the fire would go out after a few days, but they made a mistake. Since 1971, natural gas from the crater has been continuously burning day and night.


Near this crater we will spend the night in tents - unforgettable sensations and photos are guaranteed!

Day 31. Nukus - Khiva (Uzbekistan)

In the morning we leave to the border with Uzbekistan, we cross it and we call into the city of Nukus, where we have lunch and go further - to the ancient city of Khiva. We will look at it and stay the night in the hotel.


Day 32. Khiva - Bukhara

In the morning we leave ancient Khiva and go to no less ancient Bukhara - the pearl of Uzbekistan and all of Central Asia.


Day 33. Bukhara - Karshi - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand

During the day we visit and quickly examine the cities of Karshi and Shakhrisabz, and finish the day in ancient Samarkand.


Day 34. Samarkand - Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

From Samarkand we leave in the direction of Tajikistan, where we will find ourselves in several hours. In the evening we come to Dushanbe.

Days 35 - 36. Dushanbe - Khorog - Osh (Kyrgyzstan)

In the morning, we buy ripe fruits on the Dushanbe market and plunge into the mountains for two full days. We are moving along a circular mountain road along the border with Afghanistan until we reach the border with Kyrgyzstan. We cross it and reach the city of Osh.


Day 37. Osh - Ferghana - Tashkent

On this day we will return from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan, we will stop on the way to the ancient city of Fergana, and by the evening we will arrive to the capital of Uzbekistan - the city of Tashkent.


Day 38. Tashkent - Shymkent - Bishkek

From Uzbekistan we enter Kazakhstan, for lunch we come to the city of Shymkent, and closer to dinner we once again cross the border and again find ourselves in Kyrgyzstan, this time in its capital - the city of Bishkek.


39. Bishkek city - Issyk-Kul Lake

A quick tour of Bishkek and a trip to the high-altitude lake Issyk-Kul, on the shore of which we will set up a tent camp and we will spend the night. enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Day 40. Kake Issyk-Kul - Almaty city (Kazakhstan)

We leave Issyk-Kul and go to the Kazakh city of Almaty.

Day 41. Lake Balkhash - Karaganda city

A long journey through the desert steppe to Lake Balkhash, near which we stop to rest, have lunch and maybe swim, then another 400 kilometers to the city of Karaganda, where we will stay overnight at the hotel.


Day 42. Astana

Another 200 kilometers and we will find ourselves in the capital of Kazakhstan - an ultramodern city that grew up in the steppe for a few years.


Day 43. Astana

A spare day. It is proposed to finish the trip to all those who got tired of it, taking tickets for the plane and going home (however, it can be done in any city along our route where there are international airports).


Day 44. Astana - Zhezkazgan

Long drive along the desert steppe to the city of Zhezkazgan, overnight at the hotel.


Day 45. Zhezkazgan - Kyzylorda - Baikonur - Aralsk

Again a long-long trip across the steppe with stops in the city of Kyzylorda and the village of Baikonur. And the final town of our today's trip should be the town of Aralsk.


Day 46. Aral Sea

Off-road we will try to reach the waters of the Aral Sea. Once the city of Aralsk stood on its shore, but over the decades the sea has dried up and to the surface now tens of kilometers of desert.


Days 47 - 50. Returning to Moscow

In these days we will just go home, stopping for a night's lodging where we have to, and also glancing around the cities on our way: Aktobe (Aktyubinsk), Uralsk, Saratov, Tambov ...



Map of the route:



The organizer and the head of the expedition Evgeny Androsov:



Expedition info

deadline for applications - 30 April 2019


2500 Euro per person


What is included in the price

  • all movements during the expedition to the off-road vehicle (4 people in the car), including all costs (fuel, parking, toll roads, repairs and tire repair if needed),
  • tourist food cooked on a fire or a gas burner during overnight stays in tents and snacks in the car,
  • general camp equipment (tents, burners, bowlers, etc.),
  • organization of the route and logistics,
  • the work of the mountain guide and tourist instructor accompanying the group all the days of the expedition 24 hours a day, including professional accompaniment during the ascent to Elbrus and Demavend,
  • assistance in obtaining Iranian and Turkmen visas (visas are obtained centrally for all participants),
  • preparation of a personal plan for the preparation of training for each participant and monitoring of their implementation (3 months before the beginning of the expedition),
  • a group first aid kit with the necessary medicines, the provision of qualified medical care for poisoning, bruises, dislocations, etc.
  • group and individual photos of each participant made during the whole trip to professional photographic equipment and provided electronically.

What is NOT included in the price

  • air tickets to Moscow and back (for residents of other countries and cities),
  • accommodation in hotels, motels, hostels or campsites,
  • catering in cafes and restaurants,
  • tickets to museums, zoos and other tour objects,
  • consular fees and other expenses for obtaining Iranian and Turkmen visas,
  • medical insurance
  • personal equipment of participants,
  • souvenirs and other personal expenses of participants,
  • other expenses not indicated in the section "The price includes"


What is the difficulty of the trip? Will I be able to withstand these loads? What are the limitations?

Expedition involves very serious physical exertion, to which you need to prepare in advance. If you are not a mountaineer or a professional athlete, a training plan will be drawn up for you, which will need to be carried out at least 2.5-3 months before the beginning of the expedition in order to prepare for it in terms of strength and endurance.


The expedition assumes the possibility of emergence of extreme and abnormal situations (breakdown of vehicles in places remote from civilization, problems at borders, contacts with unfriendly people, etc.), to which you must be morally ready.


If you are not ready for a long time to live without comfortable conditions, without a shower, do not tolerate heat, suffer increased blood pressure, cardiac and other chronic diseases, you are overweight, do not suffer long delays in the car, this expedition to you is CONTRAINDICTED!


If you do not tolerate the height and lack of oxygen, or simply do not want to climb, you can refrain from climbing, waiting for the group in the base camp. But you have to understand that ascents though are the most difficult part of the expedition, refusal of them will not save you from all the difficulties - the heat may prove to be a more serious test.


We invite only those who are morally and physically ready for difficult conditions, are not afraid of difficulties and surprises, are accustomed to live in a tent and do not expect that they will serve him here, as an honorable client who paid a lot of money. We will all eat in the literal sense of the word from one dish, help each other, equally suffer difficulties and solve the problems facing us, but equally enjoy ourselves overcoming each participant of the expedition. More than a month, we will become a team and on how each member of the team will behave, depends how much all the other participants will be comfortable psychologically. In other words, we need PARTICIPANTS of the expedition, and NOT CONSUMERS of tourist services.


You will return from this expedition by another person - a little stronger and wise, it does not even need to be explained, but for this you will have to overcome your weakness, fears, want to help and trust other people.


Recommendations for clothes and equipment

The expedition will take place in a very hot time and in very hot terrain. However, you should keep in mind that all the countries of our visit are Muslim, where too open clothes and bare parts of the body are not welcomed, to put it mildly, especially in Iran and especially in women.

Your clothes should be light enough, at the same time, firm and closed. The same should be shoes. Women need to have a scarf (preferably not one) on the head, a long skirt and camp trousers, as well as shirts with long sleeves.

Obligatory sunglasses with good protection from ultraviolet, as well as sunblock with the maximum degree of protection - it is useful for hot places, and for climbing mountains.

For climbing you need warm clothes, mountain boots and cats under them. If you do not have clothes and shoes for climbing, the team leader will definitely instruct you, and also help you to buy / find / rent everything you need.


Why so expensive? How much money will I need in addition? What money to take with you?

This is not a commercial expedition and we do not make money from you! This cost of participation only partially pays for our total costs of operating the machine in very difficult conditions, pay, fuel, camp food during the journey and unforeseen expenses on the way. The organizers of the expedition will spend much more money, you will understand this fairly quickly and you do not have to explain and prove it.


For accommodation in hotels and meals in cafes-restaurants you will need about the same amount as you pay for participating in the expedition, but it is better to have even more in the reserve.


We will visit 7 states and in each of them - their money. Therefore, the ideal option is to have the most of the amount that you take with you on a bank card that can be paid in all major cities, and also if necessary to withdraw money from an ATM, for payment in small towns, villages and markets, it is better to have an amount in not very large denominations in dollars or euros, so that in each country you can exchange them a little for small expenses.


How to participate

  1. If you are interested in this expedition, leave a request through the form below or call on the specified phones, I personally will contact you for a talk and decision, whether you are ready to go on this expedition or not.
  2. To reserve a place, you must pay an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the expedition. Prepayment is refundable for 90 days or more before the beginning of the expedition and is irretrievable, unfortunately, less than 90 days prior to its beginning, if the refund is related to your refusal to participate (for any reason). If the expedition does not take place due to our fault (for any reason), prepayment will be guaranteed to you in any case.

deadline for applications - 30 April 2019

Price: 2500 Euro per person





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