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This is a 2019 tour. In February 2020, we have planned two new, similar tours:

All of New Zealand from North to South and New Zealand from South to North



New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. There is everything: the ocean, mountains, fjords, fairy houses of hobbits, fields of strawberries and blueberries, luminous caves, unusual animals, modern cities and huge, beautiful beaches. And also excellent roads, excellent service, good conditions for life and travel! We offer all this to you in a very busy car hiking tour, during which we will drive around and walk around, see and photograph many of the most interesting things that this land has!




Day 1. Aucklend

Day of arrival in Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand. We are accommodated in a small cozy hotel, we walk around the city.


Day 2. Cape Reinga and cave Kawiti Glowworm

Early rise, get in the car and go to the very north of New Zealand - Cape Reinga. This is the place from where, according to the legend, the souls of the Maoris (native inhabitants of New Zealand) fly to paradise. And here you can see how the waves of the Tasman Sea collide with the waves of the Pacific Ocean. On the way we'll take a look at the Kawiti Glowworm Caves - a 200-meter cave with stalactites and stalagmites. In the halls of the cave live glowing worms. For the overnight stay in Rarawa Beach - a pekrasnom camping with a chic beach and all the necessary amenities.


Day 3. Hobbiton village and Blue Springs

After driving early in the morning about 300 km. we will find ourselves in the famous Hobbiton village - the village of hobbits, built for the shooting of the film "The Lord of the Rings", and after it became one of the most visited attractions in the world. And although visiting the village - the pleasure is not cheap (the entrance ticket costs about 70 dollars), we can not drive past :)

After lunch, make a small track to the Blue Springs - a spring with crystal clear water that rises from the bowels to the surface for 100 years and because of the purity and transparency it seems blue. And we will spend the night in the guest house of the city of Taupo on the shore of the lake of the same name.


Day 4. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Wake up about 5 am. We leave for Tongariro National Park, where we will make a track on the route Tongariro Alpine Crossing - this is one of the most beautiful and famous hiking routes in the world. The length of the hiking route is 19 km. The views around are fantastic.

Having mastered the pedestrian crossing, tired, but satisfied we sit in the car and go to another famous sight of NZ - Taranaki mountain. It is an active volcano with a height of 2,518 meters, which has one of the most beautiful symmetrical peaks. It was here that the film "The Last Samurai" was shot with Tom Cruise, and if you watched this movie, then during the whole movie you enjoyed the views of Taranaki Volcano, and not Fujiyama :)


Day 5. Climbing to Taranaki volcano

To ascend to the volcano Taranaki for active tourists, to whom we no doubt treat, the event from the series of mandatory. In the morning before this and we will. Due to the richness of our tour and lack of time, we will go the shortest route, calculated for one day (8-10 hours) - Summit route. Interest in climbing is also in the fact that for a couple of hours we will travel through several natural areas: we will start climbing in the zone of the evergreen subtropical forest, we will pass through subalpine meadows and, finally, we will find ourselves in the alpine belt, characterized by the presence of creeping shrubs alternating with stone screes. Well, the views from the top of the volcano on the New Zealand expanses will be a pleasant bonus for fatigue and perseverance.


Day 6. Wellington

After resting and having slept well after two intense trekking days, we will go to the city of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and the second most populous city in the country. After driving about 350 kilometers in the morning, we will devote the second half of the day to acquaintance with the sights of this beautiful city, which is nice to just walk, but you can find a lot of activities and more interesting. For example, climb the cable car Cable Car on a small mountain and from above admire the beautiful views, or visit with a free tour studio Weta, which was filmed the film "The Lord of the Rings" and many other equally famous films.




Day 7. Abel Tasman Park

In the morning we go by car to the ferry crossing to the South Island, we cross, we go further. In the afternoon we will be at Abel Tasman Park - the most beautiful place on the ocean, where we will spend the night right on the golden beach, before going to bed enjoying a walk among the virgin nature.


Day 8. Excursion to whales in Kaikoura and Christchurch

Early wake up, fast breakfast (because of the intense program for long fees and relaxation there is simply no time) and in the morning we will arrive in Kaikoura town, where we go on a sea excursion to see the big whales. By the way, this is one of the few places in the world where 80% of the ticket cost is returned, if you can not see the whales.

In the evening we arrive in the pretty large town of Kraicherch (about 350 thousand inhabitants). It was founded in 1848 as an Anglican colony on the southern island of the NZ. Today it is a beautiful city full of English color and we will devote a couple of evening hours to an inspection of its center, and then spend the night at the hotel.


Day 9. Moeraki Boulders and Bluff lighthouse in the south of New Zealand

After traveling about 300 kilometers in the morning, we find ourselves in the morning in the town of Moeraki Boulders, where we look at the big round formations on the beach 3 minutes from the road, and then move on and in the evening we reach the Bluff lighthouse in the very south of New Zealand, near which we put tent camp to spend the night and enjoy the colors of the sunset with a stunningly beautiful backdrop. If the lighthouse is windy and cold, we will move to the interior of the island and stop at the place you like - warmer and cozy.

Day 10. Milford Sound

Again in the morning a long drive (about 500 km.) To the National Park Fiordland. However, the road here is very picturesque, so it will not be boring. But we will also go for a long time - more than once and not two will want to stop to capture all this beauty in the photo and video.

Upon arrival, immediately loaded on a ship and cruise on the fjord Milford Sound - an event as mandatory for New Zealand, as well as visiting the Hobbiton village.


Day 11. Milford Sound - Westland National Park

All day we will drive from Milford Sound to Westland National Park, but the road will be more than interesting with stunning views around - mountains, lakes, small picturesque towns and villages ... On this day we will make many stops and hundreds, if not thousands of beautiful frames on their cameras. And we'll spend the night in the village of Fox Glacier near the Westland National Park.


Day 12. Westland National Park

In the morning we will make a small transfer and a short (about 1.5 hours) hike to Franz Josef glacier, as well as a cascade of beautiful waterfalls. After going to the hour hike to Matheson Lake, from which you can see beautiful views of Mount Cook and its reflections in the mirror of the lake.

Mount Cook, which is visible in this area on all sides - the highest point of New Zealand - 3724 meters, but we will not ascend to it, since the ascent is technically complex and dangerous, we just admire its views from different points, and on the night we will return again in Fox Glacier.

Day 13. Back to Quinstown

We return on the already familiar picturesque mountain road to the city of Queenstown, which two days before we will pass without stopping. In the evening we walk around the city and ... say farewell to hospitable New Zealand, because this is our last day in this country.


Day 14. Back to home

All good things come to an end. Say goodbye to New Zealand and leave home from Queenstown International Airport.



Route maps:


North Island


South Island


Your guide Evgeny Androsov:


Evgeny Androsov


Trip info

Price of this tour

1.000 Euro per person


What is included in the price

  • accommodation in hotels of tourist class, camping and tents all the days of the route,
  • all transfers and movements on the route on a comfortable car / minivan, including all costs for its operation,
  • ferry crossing from the North to the South Island,
  • camp food during the tracks and spending the night in tents,
  • common camp equipment (tents, pots, burners, gas),
  • work as an instructor's guide,
  • group and individual photos of each participant made during the whole trip to professional photographic equipment and provided electronically
  • What is NOT included in the price

  • flights to New Zealand and back,
  • food in cafes and restaurants,
  • excursions and entrance tickets to the Hobbiton village, a cruise on the fjords, to whales, to museums, to farms, etc.,
  • personal equipment of participants (sleeping bags, rugs, trekking sticks, etc.),
  • medical insurance
  • souvenirs and other personal expenses of participants,
  • other expenses not indicated in the section "The price includes"
  • What is the difficulty of the trip? Will I be able to withstand these loads? What are the limitations?

    Tracks and climbing mountains, which we will perform during the route, are not difficult even for unprepared people. For the most part, these are short-term exits (for 1-3 hours) on specially equipped roads and trails with all necessary infrastructure (toilets, places for rest, rails). From the two most difficult tracks - Tongariro Alpine Crossing and climbing the volcano Taranaki, participants who do not feel the strength to overcome these hiking trails can refuse, waiting for the group in the places where the car will stay - with cafes, shops and a developed tourist infrastructure. New Zealand is a very civilized country, so even this expectation will not be boring and will not present any problems for either the group or individual participants.

    Recommendations for clothes and equipment

    As we cross New Zealand from the far south to the far north, we need clothes designed for heat and beach rest, as well as clothing that protects from low temperatures (to zero degrees), wind and rain. Especially the rains on the South Island.

    In addition, you will need camping clothes / shoes for tracks on the mountains - a membrane jacket, boots, trekkingovye stick, hat, gloves, thermal underwear. It is also desirable to have a raincoat (in case of heavy rain) and a waterproof cover for the backpack. It is necessary to have sunscreen and sunglasses.

    Since more than half of the nights during the tour are supposed to be in tents, you need to have a sleeping bag, a rug and a flashlight.

    How to participate

    1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call the indicated phones, I, Evgeni Androsov or my assistants will tell you in detail about the route and answer all your questions. Also you can use for communication the following instant messengers - Whatsapp, Viber or find me on the social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and write there a personal message, if this is more familiar to you and more convenient.
    2. For booking, you must pay an advance payment of 30% of the cost of a tour if it is more than 45 days before the start and 50% of the cost if before the start less than 45 days. The prepayment is refundable for 60 days or more before the start of the tour and is uneventful, unfortunately, less than 60 days before the start of the tour, if the refund is related to your refusal to participate (for any reason). If the tour does not take place due to our fault or due to force majeure circumstances (natural disasters, military actions, cancellation of flights, etc.), the prepayment will be guaranteed in full.

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