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This is NOT a standard tour! You will not find such a program anywhere else - we guarantee!


Norway is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and it is next to us! A Lofoten Islands - the most beautiful place in Norway! In winter, there is almost guaranteed to observe and shoot the aurora - a miracle of nature, accessible only to those who are ready for unusual, unusual winter travel. But even without the aurora, Lofoten and our entire way to them and back through Finland and Sweden is a real winter fairy tale. And the bonuses are visiting the Norwegian city of Tromsø - the arctic Paris with its unique architecture and the same aurora raging above all this man-made magnificence almost every evening and night, as well as the Santa Claus residence in Finnish Grodan Rovaniemi.

On the dates of our tour in late February and early March, the polar circle no longer has a polar night, which means that we can enjoy the magnificence of the Arctic not only at night, but during the day, when it is no less beautiful and unusual!


The tour is quite rich in moving and changing places, however, it is designed to be as comfortable as possible, without undue stress, with regular rest and overnight stays in comfortable hotels and cottages.


You can go on a tour from Moscow, St. Petersburg or fly to Lofoten Islands by plane (to Svolvaer, a return ticket can be from Svolvr, Tromsø or Rovaniemi - the cost of the tour in case of flight is 15% lower).




Day 1. Moscow - Viborg

Early in the morning we are going to the designated place, loading into a minibus and going on a trip. While driving, we get to know each other, tell funny stories, listen to the stories of a guide instructor about Norway, stop at beautiful places for snacks and lunch, and in the evening we arrive in the city of Vyborg, after which we stop for the night in a comfortable hotel.


Day 2. Oulu

Early breakfast and transfer to the border with Finland. We cross it and move diagonally across the whole of Finland to the city of Oulu - the point of our overnight stay. In the evening, be sure to take a walk in this small cozy town, more like a movie set, than the real place of residence of people.


Day 3. Narvik

Again all day the journey, this time, for the most part, through the territory of Sweden. On the way we will see the northernmost city of Sweden - Kiruna with urban landscapes of the mining and processing plant located here and at the same time - beautiful natural landscapes. This city is one of the few industrial cities in the world, miraculously combining the presence of industry with a high level of culture and tourism, cleanliness, excellent ecology and crystal-clear air.

And closer to the night we will arrive in the Norwegian city of Narvik - arctic-austere, where we will stay in a comfortable hotel and, perhaps, this evening we will be able to catch the aurora for the first time.



Day 4. Lofoten, first day

Early breakfast at the hotel and departure to the Lofoten Islands, which are literally within walking distance of Narvik. Already by lunch we will be in the town of Svolver, where we meet with the part of the group that prefers direct flight to Lofoten instead of the road by minibus, lodging in a hotel, having a rest, and in the evening we go on the first aurora hunt. If the weather permits, of course. If you do not, just have a good rest and sleep.


Day 5. Lofoten, second day

In the morning we move to the fishing village of Rhine, where we settle in the rorbu - a fishing hut. In fact, today, only the name and entourage remained from the fishing huts in which the tourists stay, in the rest they are comfortable cottages, equipped with everything necessary for civilized living.

Immediately upon arrival, we leave for a day-long photo session - oh, in the Rhine there is something to see and photograph at any time of the day and at any time of the year - a very colorful and authentic place!
After the photo shoot we have a rest, and closer to the night we go on a hunt for aurora borealis and night shots.

Day 6. Lofoten, third day

A small photo session of the dawn in the Rhine is early in the morning, then breakfast and go on a photo tour of the most extreme point of the Lofoten Islands - the O. Village. and cafe.

Then we return to the Rhine and rest until darkness, with which we again go on a hunt for the aurora borealis.



Day 7. Lofoten, fourth day

Having a good rest in the morning (however, no one will forbid anyone to go back to taking pictures of the delicate pink beauty of the dawn against the backdrop of stunning landscapes) and after breakfast, we say goodbye to our overnight place and go on a photo tour of the Lofoten Islands. On this day, we will visit several interesting places where we will walk and take pictures, and in the evening we will arrive in the town of Biervik, unremarkable, just being on the way to the city of Tromsø, to which, due to a rich excursion program day. Here we will stay at the hotel for rest and overnight.

Day 8. Tromso

After breakfast at the hotel, we go to the city of Tromsø, where we will arrive right after lunch. We are accommodated in a hotel, have a rest, walk around the city, and in the evening we go out for a night photo session - we are shooting a city that is no less beautiful at night than during the day and, if lucky, the aurora over the city.


Day 9. Tromso

All the first half of the day we sleep off, rest. The most active can independently walk around the city. After lunch we go on an auto photo tour of the city and its surroundings, turning into an evening and night photo session.


Day 10. Tromso - Rovaniemi

In the morning we leave beautiful Norway and go to the equally beautiful winter Lapland and its capital - the city of Rovaniemi. On the way, we will have quite a few stops for shooting landscapes, one more beautiful than the other, so we will arrive in Rovaniemi after dark. Settled in the hotel, rest. If the forecast of the aurora borealis is positive, then we will hunt for it here too - Rovaniemi is on the Arctic Circle, so the likelihood of seeing the aurora is high here too.

Day 11. Meeting with Santa Claus

In the morning we go to the residence of Santa Claus. It works all year round, but in winter there is a particularly fabulous and festive atmosphere. And if you think that this is interesting only for children, then you are greatly mistaken. As our experience shows, this is one of the few places on our routes where it’s especially difficult to take people away :) There are a lot of souvenir shops, Santa Claus mail, where you can not only buy, but also send postcards with a special stamp, reindeer park, line Polar Kurga, and of course Santa Claus himself. You can take a picture with him (for some money, of course) and talk. The service is very popular.

Well, after that we will go on a long journey across Finland to the Russian border, before we stop for the night in a small but very cozy town of Lappeenranta on the shore of a large and beautiful lake.


Day 12. Piter

In the morning we will stop at a large supermarket to buy various Finnish products, most of which are cheaper than in Russia (a very popular event among tourists from absolutely all groups :). By the way, on the eve of March 8, this shopping can be very relevant and useful - bring unusual gifts to your favorite women), then we will cross the border and go to St. Petersburg, where we will stay overnight in a comfortable hotel, and will spend the evening walking around the city.


Day 13. e are going to Moscow

Unhurried breakfast at the hotel, gathering and going to Moscow, where we will be after lunch or in the evening, if we stay in St. Petersburg before lunch.




Route map:



Your guide and photo master Evgeny Androsov:


Evgeny Androsov


Trip info

Price of this tour

USD 1.490 per person

What is included in the price

  • traveling in a comfortable minibus all the days of the route,
  • travel on toll roads, bridges, tunnels, paid parking,
  • accommodation in comfortable hotels, cottages or guest houses for all nights of the tour,
  • meals - breakfasts (included in the cost of hotels, if not, paid separately in a cafe),
  • use of Olympus cameras (upon request) *,
  • the work of a guide instructor, a photo master all the days of travel, 24 hours a day,
  • learning the basics and / or secrets of photography in practice, any advice on photography, analysis of the footage,
  • group and individual photographs of each participant, taken during the whole tour on professional photo equipment and provided in electronic form.

*it is possible to provide for free use for the whole time of a photo tour to one or two participants of the camera group and 1-2 lenses from the company Olympus. The possibility and model of the camera / lenses must be agreed in advance!

What is NOT included in the price

  • Flights to Lofoten Islands (for those who do not want to go by minibus)
  • tickets to Moscow or St. Petersburg and back (for residents of other cities),
  • meals in cafes and restaurants, with the exception of breakfast,
  • medical insurance,
  • use of cableways, entrance to museums, water parks and other tour facilities,
  • consular fees and other visa costs,
  • souvenirs and other personal expenses of participants,
  • other expenses not listed in the “included cost” section


What is the difficulty of the trip? Will I be able to withstand these loads? What are the limitations?

The tour is absolutely comfortable and presents no difficulty in terms of physical exertion. However, due to long journeys, the tour is not recommended for people with spinal diseases.

Clothing and equipment recommendations

There will not be much frost on the Lofoten Islands, however, they may be on the way - in Finland and Sweden. In addition, we are planning long evening and night photo shoots, so your clothes and shoes should correspond to this. We recommend warm fur or down jackets with hoods, felt boots, high fur boots or modern boots designed for long periods in the cold, caps, two or three pairs of gloves, some of which should be very warm, thermal underwear, sweaters, face masks. It is also recommended to have an individual thermos for hot drinks.

Recommendations for photo equipment

In addition to the camera, it is necessary to have a set of aperture lenses, as well as 5-6 batteries (remember that in the cold the batteries discharge very quickly and do not forget the charger for them), a good tripod. It is advisable to have a device for remote descent of the tripod, a neutral light filter (as protection of lenses from snow). Those who wish can use the copter, but it is necessary to warn about its presence in advance - on many tourist sites in Norway the use of the copter is allowed only with a special permission.


How to participate

  1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call the indicated numbers, I, Evgeny Androsov or my assistants will tell you in detail about the route and answer all your questions.
  2. To reserve a place, it is necessary to make an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the cost of the hike / tour if before it starts more than 45 days and 50% of the cost if before the start less than 45 days. Prepayment is refundable 45 days or more before the start of the hike / tour and non-returnable, unfortunately, less than 45 days before the start of the hike / tour, if the return is due to your refusal to participate (for any reason). If the hike / tour does not take place due to our fault, due to an unformed group or due to force majeure circumstances, the prepayment will be returned to you in any case.
  3. The group meets at the appointed place and at the appointed time (earlier the morning of the first day of travel). By prior arrangement, there may be several collection points in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Proce USD 1.600 per person





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