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Route description

Everything is perfect on this tour: visiting, perhaps, the most beautiful places on planet Earth - the Torres del Paine National Park, with fantastic views of the mountains and an abundance of wildlife, the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, incredible views of glacial lakes, Mount Fitzroy, the Strait of Magellan and Magdalena Island, inhabited by penguins, Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet from where expeditions depart to Antarctica and, like a cherry on a cake, Easter Island is a mystical, mysterious and most distant inhabited island on the planet. All this in a friendly atmosphere of a mini-group (no more than 7 people), as well as in comfort - overnight in hotels, small hiking exits without backpacks and climbing and moving on a comfortable SUV and / or minibus.

We will visit and study both the Chilean part of Patagonia and the Argentinean, see all the most interesting that this amazing territory is fraught with. This is memory, impressions and emotions, without exaggeration, for life!



Route day by day

Day 1. Ushuaia - the end of the world

Our tour starts at the airport of Ushuaia - the southernmost city in the world! You can get here in different ways - everyone chooses a flight route for himself. On this day we meet, get to know each other and the city.

The city of Ushuaia is called the "end of the world", which is not far from the truth - it is only 900 km away. from Antarctica, it is surrounded by unspoiled nature with many majestic mountains around, pristine forests and glaciers. At the same time, the city is a tourist center and is famous for its developed tourist infrastructure - you will not be bored here.

For people who are difficult to tolerate changing time zones, we recommend that they arrive 1-2 days earlier than the start of the tour in order to recover and sleep.



Day 2. Tierra del Fuego National Park - Puntas Arenas

In the morning early, after breakfast, we get into the car and go on our incredible journey! On this first day we will ride on the island of Tierra del Fuego. At the same time, in the first half of the day, we will leave the main track and ride for a few hours along the narrow paths of Tierra del Fuego National Park - among beautiful mountain landscapes, stopping at places that seem most interesting for taking pictures and taking a little walk.

After lunch, we will cross the symbolic border between Argentina and Chile, ferry across the narrow isthmus of the Strait of Magellan, and in the evening we will arrive in the city of Punta Arenas, the southernmost city on Earth with a population of more than 100 thousand people.


Day 3. Magdalena Island - Puerto Natales

In the morning (weather permitting) we go by boat to the island of Magdalena. The island is practically not inhabited (from the human presence there is only a lighthouse), but about 50 thousand Magellanic penguins live on it, and travelers travel to observe their lives.

Upon returning from the island (if the weather is bad, just take a walk around the city before lunch), we go on a further trip and in the evening we will arrive in the city of Puerto Natales on the shore of a picturesque lake, where we will stay for the night at the hotel.

Day 4. Torres del Paine National Park

In the morning, we say goodbye to the cozy town and go to the Torres del Paine National Park. At the entrance to the park, we activate our three-day entrance tickets and go to the north-eastern part of this unique reserve.

In addition to natural beauties, today we will get acquainted with the animal world of Patagonia. Herds of grazing guanacos, pink flamingos, walking the nanda, many other interesting and amazing birds and animals. Today we have to see Patagonia in all its splendor.

We spend the night in camping houses in the national park, so as not to return to the city and not spend precious time on it, because tomorrow we get up very early ...


Day 5. Torres del Paine National Park

A very early rise - today we set off to meet the dawn at a location with a view of Mount Cuerno Este and the Blue Towers - an incredible sight to behold!

After that, we will visit open areas with the most incredible views and go on short walks to the best places for viewing, where you cannot drive by car.

The stunning mountain landscapes of the park are so beautiful that they have virtually no analogues in the world and are considered one of the most impressive creations of nature on the planet. The name of the park Torres del Paine, translated from the language of the Indians who previously inhabited these territories, means “Blue Towers”. In 1978, the park was taken under the protection of UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

The main part of the park is occupied by the mountain ranges of Torres del Paine and Cuernos del Paine with peaks. This miracle of nature was formed more than 11 million years ago as a result of global tectonic processes and the movement of huge masses of ice. Sites of rocks in contact with magma today have turned into granite mountains, which continue to grow under the influence of tremendous pressure of the bowels of the earth.

During the ice age, the entire region was under the ice. After the retreat of the ice, black granite cliffs were exposed - the peaks of the impressive Payne mountain range. Today they are again covered with glaciers, but not as large as millions of years ago. Among the mountain peaks there are scattered lagoons and lakes of turquoise, emerald, aquamarine and sapphire colors - incredible in beauty and unreal in color and shades of nature's creations. The largest of them are the emerald lake Nordenskold (Lago Nordenskjold) and the huge lake Peoe (Lago Pehoe), connected by Salt-Grande waterfall, as well as Lake Sarmiento (Lago Sarmiento) and Gray Lake (Lago Gray) with icebergs drifting along it.

In the evening, tired, but overwhelmed with emotions and impressions, we return to the town of Puerto Natales and spend the night in a comfortable hotel.

Day 6. El Calafate

Since the previous day we had a very busy and busy, on this day we will sleep longer in the morning, and then take our time to go to El Calafate (about 350 km along the highway), where we will settle in a hotel and spend the rest of the day walking around the town and relax.


Day 7. Perito Moreno Glacier - El Chalten

A busy day again! In the morning we leave early for the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, which is about 75 km away. from the town of El Calafate. This is the third largest source of fresh water on Earth, it has a huge area and at the same time moves at a speed of 2 meters per day! That is why from observation platforms located at a safe distance, you can see and shoot in a photo, video, how huge blocks of ice break off the glacier and fall down with a terrible roar - an unforgettable sight!

First, we will go around all the observation platforms and see the glacier from all angles, and then we will catch a ferry and go to the glacier itself, through which we will take a short walk in equipment and accompanied by a local guide - unusual sensations are guaranteed!

After returning from the glacier, we get into the car and make a long (about 300 km.) Transfer to the town of El Chalten, where we will stay for the night at the hotel.

By the way, we will ride along the national highway number 40, which is considered one of the most deserted tracks in the world! And the city of El Chalten, according to National Geographic, is one of the most beautiful small towns in the world!

Day 8. Fitzroy

Early in the morning we are going to meet the dawn at the observation deck overlooking Mount Fitzroy. This event is a series of obligatory ones - the picture is so unusual and exciting that, without exaggeration, is one of the most striking events that can happen in a person’s life.

After we make an impromptu camping breakfast picnic in nature, and then we go to a small track along the fabulously beautiful places. First we go through a fabulous ancient forest covered with moss and through it we leave to the emerald lake with melt water. Further along the stone ridge we get to the place from where a view of the vanishing glacier opens. After a few years, it will completely melt, but this year we will still have time to see its pristine beauty.

Towards evening, we return to the hotel of the town of El Chalten to sit in a cozy restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere.


Day 9. Track to Mount Fitzroy

Today we have a difficult but emotional day - we are going on a trip to Mount Fitzroy! The one-way route is 7 km with a climb of 370 meters - it is not as easy as it might seem to someone, but it is also not extremely difficult - any healthy person will withstand these loads without any problems. At the end of the path we will reach a lake with a spectacular view of Fitzroy, but along the way there will be several dozens of other, no less impressive views and reasons to take many amazing pictures.

We will return to the hotel in the evening, tired but satisfied. Again there will be an opportunity to sit in a cozy restaurant and for the last time enjoy the atmosphere and views of this wonderful town.

Day 10. El Calafate - Santiago

Today we are returning to the city of El Calafate to fly from there to Santiago. Arrival in Santiago in the evening. Transfer to the hotel.


IMPORTANT: the flight and stay over the next two days in Santiago is carried out by the participants independently, without a guide. At the same time, the hotel in Santiago will be booked and paid, the transfer from the airport by taxi will also be paid.


Days 11-12. Santiago de Chile

Independent stay in Santiago. The city is big, interesting, and you won’t be bored here! Participants will be given in advance cards and a list of recommended places to visit, you just have to choose from this list what is interesting to you personally and enjoy two days of leisurely walks and relaxation in a southern and rather exotic city.


Day 13. Easter Island

Departure to Easter Island. Transfer to the airport by taxi and departure. Upon arrival, with a guide, transfer to the hotel, accommodation. After lunch we will go to get acquainted with the Moai (stone idols) Ahu Tahai and Ahu Ko Te Riku - the first of the idols that have become the hallmark of the island.


Day 14. Acquaintance with famous stone idols

In the morning we will go on trekking to Ahu Akivi and Terevaka - platforms with the restored Moai - the most famous and photographed idols, followed by a path leading to the highest point of the island - Tverevaka volcano (507 m). It offers panoramic views of the entire island.

After that, we will get to know Ahu Akanhanga moai - unstoppable, fallen from the moai platform, and also see the remains of fishing houses and stoves of the island's indigenous people.

Then we are waited by eight destroyed moai with well-preserved red headdresses that lie not far from the platform.

And finally, we get to the most famous place on the island - Rano Raraku - a volcano at the foot of which all moai were made. There are still about 400 unfinished statues here.

Day 15. Leisure, beaches and the ocean

This last day on the island and our entire journey we will devote to relaxation, the beach and the ocean. We will go to Anakena beach, and then to Ovahe, each of which is interesting and unique in its own way. Anakena is the cradle of the island’s civilization, it is from here, according to scientists, that its settlement took place, and Ovahe is famous for the local flora, which has not changed since the development of the island 1200 years ago. Those who wish can go diving to see the sunken moai.


One evening on the island, a Rapa Nui dancing show awaits us with the ethnic traditional dances of the Rapanui people. The most famous ensemble - Kari Kari performs three times a week in his own concert hall and this show is definitely worth a visit!


Day 16. Home. Farewell to the end of the world!

Departure from Easter Island to Santiago, and from there home. Farewell to the end of the world!



Schematic map of the route along Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia:



Guide Evgeny Androsov:


Evgeny Androsov


Trip info

How much it costs

1 750 Euros per person

What is included in the price

  • meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel in Ushuaia,
  • movement in a comfortable SUV / minibus all days of the route in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, as well as on Easter Island,
  • ferry across the Strait of Magellan,
  • travel on toll roads, bridges, tunnels, paid parking,
  • transfer from / to the airport in Santiago,
  • Accommodation in hotels and guest houses all days of the route,
  • food - breakfast at the hotel,
  • entrance fees to national parks,
  • excursion to the Perito Moreno Glacier (including equipment rental and local guide services),
  • the work of a guide-instructor all days of travel, 24 hours a day,
  • group and individual photographs of each participant taken during the entire trip to professional photo equipment and provided in electronic form, as well as a video about the trip.

What is NOT included in the price

  • airline tickets, including domestic flights,
  • lunch and dinner, as well as any food in cafes and restaurants,
  • medical insurance,
  • personal clothing and equipment of participants,
  • the use of cable cars, entrance to museums, water parks and other tourist facilities,
  • arneda of kayaks, bicycles and other means of personal transportation, diving,
  • excursion to the island of Magdalena,
  • tickets for the Rapa Nui dancing show on Easter Island,
  • visa fees (if you require)
  • souvenirs and other personal expenses of participants,
  • other expenses not indicated in the section “included in the price”


What is the difficulty of the trip? Will I be able to withstand these loads? What are the limitations?

The hiking part of this tour is not difficult. This means that with minimal physical fitness, you can withstand all hiking loads without any problems. The maximum distance that we will go per day (light) is 14 km (to Mount Fitzroy and back).

However, you must understand that Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego are territories with a cool and very variable climate. Rains, winds, fogs are almost guaranteed. During the day we will make outings on nature along trails, any hiking trip can take place in the rain, sometimes heavy, you get wet and before you come to civilization you will not have the opportunity to dry your clothes and shoes.

Due to long journeys, the tour is also not recommended for people with spinal diseases and other chronic diseases.

Teenagers over 15 years old are allowed to participate in the tour with their parents. However, you should understand that this is not a children's tour and there will not be a special relationship with your child - he should behave on a par with adults, which, however, is not difficult, since the tour does not involve any special burdens and risks, with the exception of the above.


Clothing and equipment recommendations

The weather in the south of Argentina and Chile is changeable and replete with rains, winds and fogs, especially in highlands. Therefore, it is necessary to bring along a sufficient supply of warm and waterproof camping clothing - a membrane jacket, pants, trekking boots, sneakers for moving around cities, a set of thermal underwear, as well as a hat, gloves, warm socks, and a fleece are required..

For exits during the day you need a small backpack (urban type can be) and a waterproof cover for it.


The weather on Easter Island in March is warm, comfortable - 20 - 27 degrees of heat during the day, about 20 degrees at night. The average water temperature in the ocean is 25 degrees. Take shorts and swimwear!

Special conditions

The tour is very active and eventful, therefore it requires discipline and personal involvement in the process. This is not a relaxed vacation at the all-inclusive hotel - you must understand this very well and be prepared for adventures and, sometimes, lack of comfort - in the mode of daily transfers and nights in different places it is not always possible to eat on time, as well as pick up each participant hotel room for his requests. Often you will need to get up in the middle of the night to catch time in certain locations by dawn. Almost every day there will be quite long journeys - from 200 to 600 km., You should be prepared for all this!


During movement delays and unforeseen circumstances are not excluded - car breakdown, repair of roads and bridges, cancellation of ferries or planned excursions, etc. The guide will make every effort to minimize costs and implement everything that is planned by the program, but, in extreme cases, the program can be reduced or changed based on the circumstances. The changes are discussed with the participants, but the final decision is up to the guide, as he is responsible for the program and the safety of the group.


Changing the program at the request of participants is NOT allowed! Please study the program in advance and if something doesn’t suit you, use the services of other companies or go on your own.


During the tour, participants are NOT encouraged to drink alcohol, especially during the day. Of course, in the evening in a cafe or restaurant you can drink a glass or two of wine or beer, but for people who have a strong addiction to alcohol during the day, please find another tour - in this tour we go on sober impressions and emotions.


Air tickets are purchased by participants on their own. If you need a transit visa during transfers, you must find out for yourself and get it. The organizers of the tour are NOT responsible for your flights, or for visas, or for any problems in the way to the start of the tour or after its end. We are responsible only for what is indicated in the program.

How to participate

  1. If you are interested in this tour, leave a request through the form below or call on these phones, I'm Evgeny Androsov or my assistants tell details about the route and will answer all your questions.
  2. To book a place, a prepayment of 30% of the tour cost before it starts if more than 45 days, and 50% of the cost, if, prior to the start of at least 45 days. Prepayment is returnable in 45 days or more prior to the tour irretrievable and, unfortunately, less than 45 days before the start of a tour if the return is linked to your refusal to participate (for whatever reason). If the hike / tour will not take place due to our fault, because not form a group or force majeure, the advance payment, you will be guaranteed to be returned in any case.
  3. If you change your mind / lose the opportunity to participate in the campaign, please let us know as soon as possible. The transport and food for the whole trek procured, calculated and allocated based on each party's campaign.

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