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Photo tour in Crimea «Flowering poppies».
18 - 28 May 2018

All the charm of the north and white nights.
14 -27 June 2018

Auto and hiking tour All of Norway-2018.
05 - 24 July 2018


Flow of events

Norway - hit the summer season-2018

06.04.2018 ć.

Travel to Norway is more popular than ever before this year. Our "chip" - car trekking tours, is especially relevant for this country and has come to taste for many fans of outdoor activities. There are practically no vacant places for summer tours to Norway. »»
Arctic expedition started

05.02.2018 ć.

February 5, 2018 the Arctic expedition started. A group of brave and experienced lovers of the extreme north and adventures flew to Salekhard, from where the path will be taken through the Polar Urals to Vorkuta, and from there to the village of Amderma on the shore of the Kara Sea. »»