Next projects

Auto tour «Around Europe + Christmas in Paris».
17-26 December, 2017

New Year trip to Iran.
02 - 09 january 2018

Trekking to the base camp of Everest.
April 28 - May 12 2018


Flow of events

The summer tour marathon is over, we start the autumn activities!

25.09.2017 ă.

A series of summer tours and hikes, which followed one after another almost without interruption, ended the first half of September to plan and develop new routes and hikes. Now - in the way! »»
Goodbye, Norway! Hello Iceland!

02.08.2017 ă.

The marathon of summer tours continues! No sooner had I come to my senses after the most intense 18-day trip to Norway, it's time to fly to Iceland. There, all those who are flying with us are waiting for an equally rich and interesting excursion program. »»