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The results of a photo contest of Olympus and Evgeny Androsov

05.06.2017 .

From May 26 to June 2, together with Olympus Russia, I held a photo competition for the best photo from our winter and spring photo tours. We walked around interesting places near Moscow, tested wonderful Olympus photo equipment and, of course, made many interesting pictures ... »»
Mini-tour to the Baskunchak and Elton Lakes

24.05.2017 .

For 5 short days of the tour, we visited Astrakhan twice, in two places on the salt lake Baskunchak, on Mount Bolshoy Bogdo, found and explored the little-known Baskunchak cave, drove into the city of Akhtubinsk, and also the Saray-Batu city museum-the former capital of the Golden Horde, stopped at another well-known salt lake Elton. »»